Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ever tear a finger or toe nail? It hurts....

Yesterday Stormy tore one of her nails on her foot.  Poor puppy, we had to clip it off as it was just hanging (we aren't even sure what she caught it on), and bleeding all over.  So after we got her all fixed up, it was still bleeding a little, so Kevin put a sock on her foot.  It was really funny:
 She is so laid back, she really didn't care and just left it alone.  She is just fine today, but the "trauma" must have really worn her out as she let Kyburz snooze right next to her last night:

We have said before how much she loves the kitty, but they don't usually lay so close together. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter at the Ridge

Hello All,

Well Easter was a week ago, but I'm a little slow getting around to posting the pictures from it. Des brought her kids over after church and let them do an Easter Egg hunt it the yard. Caelum and Joslyn had a good time running around and searching for them.

Tim, Joslyn and Stormy looking for eggs

Joslyn "finding" one
Caelum on the hunt
Hope you all had a great Easter

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Have you ever read Cake Wrecks blog?  My boss shared it with me not too long ago.  It is really a funny blog...ok, so they make fun of cakes people make and the disasters that ensue.  Sometimes they also show really great cakes too, I am always in awe of some of the really great cakes you see people make. 

Yesterday they had this cake: 

Mickey Mouse Club...and as their blog says  "MLT"  Mickey Lettuce and Tomato  :)

I think this is amazing, can you believe that is all cake?  Ok, so they are making a Mickey Sandwich, but this is very well done and brought a smile to my face when I saw the cleverness.