Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Snow

 We had our first snow a few weeks ago.  Here in Colorado, we tend to have warm days, and cold days side by side a lot in the fall.  One of my coworkers said it best when she said "your weather is Schizophrenic"

Anyway, these pictures are the same day.  We woke up to snow and it was still snowing.  By 3 in the afternoon it was almost all gone

We are lucky, in that this is quite common, for snow not to stay too long.  Soon, though it will be cold all day long. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cute kitties

As it gets colder out, the Chip and Dale want to hang out in the house more.  Here is where I found them one day.  Then I kicked them outside :-)

Saturday, November 2, 2013


We got to go to Disney Land recently.  It had been almost 15 years since we had been there.  Yes we have been to Disney World, but still.  Since Kevin has been traveling and working not too far there, I flew out with him and stayed and worked, and then we took a long weekend to play.  Kevin had a bunch of hotel points so we had a free room and got an upgrade: 

Our room overlooked Disney.  In fact we got to watch the fireworks from bed....

Last time we were at Disney Land, downtown Disney was just starting out, and the California Adventure Park did not exist.  So first we spent some time in Downtown Disney....and got to go to one of my all time favorite stores....the World of Disney Store...we actually went back several times...

 They had this really great art store too.  I fell in love with this painting.  But Kevin said $13,000+ was too much. 

One day while walking, they had some street artists and several doing some chalk work on the ground.  Very cool:

 There is a Lego Store there.....One of Kevin's all time favorite stores.  I like all the giant things put together with Legos:


We spent a full day at California Adventure, and then a Full day at the Disney Land park, and one day we did a few things at both....

We rode the carousel.  

But we did not ride the big Wheel.  I am too chicken of heights for that.  

We met a lot of Characters....of course Mickey himself.  He gave me a BIG Kiss and Hug.  He was so glad to see me again. 

Goofy was glad to see Kevin too.  (but still not as excited as Mickey was to see me)


Don't forget if it wasn't for Walt, none of this would have been possible....

We saw parades at both parks.  Disney really does a great job with parades.  One day while sitting on Main Street waiting for the parade to begin, we got Serenaded by this group:

I still like green Army Men.....


Do you remember Tinker Toys....this was really cool


See those girls dressed as Jesse:


Well they weren't tied to that pole for nothing.  This is what they did.  Kinda crazy as you go down the parade.  But perhaps this is something for our cousin April to do....



We also ate lots of Mickey food:

Can you believe that was my very first Mickey Ice Cream....

We also really enjoyed Cars Land at California Adventure.  So fun



We toured Mickey's house, and I sat on Pluto's bed...Mobi was so jealous

I wish we had a regular mailbox, so I could have one of these...

And somehow, Kevin ended up in Jail....as usual.....

The Sunday we were there was my aunt Nancy's birthday and we were seeing her the next morning.   Well if it is your birthday at Disney, you can get a Pin that says Happy Birthday.  Then all day long, everyone says Happy Birthday to you.  So I got one with Nancy's name on it and wore it all day.  That way I could collect all the Disney magic in the pin and I gave it then to Nancy.  

One of the funny things was that evening we went to dinner in Downtown Disney.  I forgot it was on, and my waiter brought me this cupcake and they all sang to me.  So that pin was full of magic!

I told Mickey that I would try to not make it so long before we saw him again. He showed us to his door, and put on a happy face, to tell us goodbye.