Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas box

Today we got a Christmas box in the mail.     It was from Florian's family.  How very nice they thought of us.   It is always such fun to get a package in the mail.   And Kevin of course is in heaven.
Yes that is pretty much chocolate and so many kinds to try....Kevin is going to have to blog about all the kinds as he did before so watch for those up coming. 

Thank you to the Reichle family!!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Orlando Trip

You may know that I LOVE Mickey Mouse and LOVE Disney Parks.  I would go every time I hear a friend going  But I cannot.  I was in Orlando in Feb, but since then I have had friends go.....makes me very sad (ie Jealous). Instead, I sent them a picture of me and said take me a long....they were great sports and did so.  So I took a trip to Disney as "Flat Jody"

Here Duffy and I are ready to head out...

I had a great trip, I saw Mickey right away at the airport...

I did the toy story ride
 And a bugs life
 Did some shopping

Saw the tree of life
 And best of all, I got to have my picture taken with Kim and Mickey

What fun....but of course I really just want to go even more now...

Happy Birthday Kevin

Today is Kevin's Birthday.  About a week ago, he saw a red velvet cheesecake somewhere and decided he wanted one.  Well, I am usually up for trying a new recipe, so I said "find a recipe, and I will make one"  So off he went and he printed out a recipe from 

I made a list and went off to the grocery store.....I didn't do any pretty decorations as it was late last night when I finished it, so it is a little plain on the outside....

But when we sliced into it for coffee break today (Kevin couldn't wait any longer for his cake), it looked pretty good: 

It is really rich and sweet, but it tastes really good....I hope Kevin likes it too.  He is worth all the work!  Love you Kevin!