Monday, April 30, 2012

Finally things begin to bloom in CO

We had a really mild winter, and it has been VERY dry.  March was our driest ever on record, and April is winding up the same way.  It looks to be a very drought like summer coming up as we have already had days that are almost 90 and it is just late April.  What is the summer going to be like.  I am guessing we won't have things green for long, so I wanted to take some pics while things were blooming.

My lilacs are all blooming and they smell so great!

 Our other flowers and items are starting to come out and get ready to bloom too....
 Our tall grasses are starting to come out also

And the trees are starting to bloom....Aaahhh, I wish my days were filled with sitting on the deck relaxing and enjoying....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Time is play time

 Since we had some really nice spring days, the dogs are "itching" to go out and play, so we accommodated them:

Look at those ears stand up.....she was running full speed

Mobi is pretty fearless and very athletic and will jump to catch the ball if she can

Stormy, decided she had enough running and would just take a break. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Visiting the family

So as I said earlier, Kevin and I got to spend some time with my Wonderful Aunt Nancy, and my cousins and family.  It was a good weekend, as I had not seen them for a very long time....and now it is time for them to come and visit me .... hint hint hint

Kevin and I forgot to take pictures earlier in the weekend, but this was Sunday night and my last chance to see everyone.  So Kevin got out the camera and started taking pictures.  We had a great dinner of Lasagne...and then strawberries and ice cream for dessert.

This is me and Allison....
 And then Allison took over the camera:

Tammy and Ron (Debbie's husband)

Me and Tammy and Cathy

 Ron again
 Roy (Cathy's Husband)
Chris (Tammy's Husband)

Allison couldn't help but take a close up of her mother....Allison says this is how she usually looks to her.  :-)

Mrs Wonderful (Nancy)

Kevin and I and the group, front row left to right: Tammy, Nancy, Kevin
Back row left to right:  Jody, Cathy, Debbie

I really enjoyed seeing everyone and laughing and catching up.  

Friday, April 27, 2012


So many of you know Kevin is working in San Diego.  Every week, he travels out works and comes home on the weekends.  Well a couple of weeks ago, I decided to fly out also, we stayed over the weekend, did a little siteseeing, but mostly it was about seeing Family (watch for another post soon). 

We went to the Toys R Us nearby and I met this Lego Fireman, and I needed to kiss him for his "service". 

We also decided to go to this lake and do a little walk across the bridge.  You can see that the it was a really gorgeous day outside the sky was really blue. 

 I love bridges and when I saw this from the road, I knew I HAD to walk across it. 

We also got to go to a couple of nearby Vineyards and did some tasting.  Here Kevin and I are stomping.....don't you love Kevin's dress?  (Yes he is the girl)

 I loved all these barrels.....

After the weekend, Kevin still was working at the offices there, so I hung out at the hotel and worked from there.  There was this pretty lemon tree ...
 And the hotel pool, I would sit out here in the afernoon, or if I just needed to get out of the room for a bit....
 I really liked the grill area outside the pool too. 

10:30 am an already 80 degrees, it was wonderful.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

more Mobi

 As Mobi grows she is so tall, she thinks she can see what is happening at the counter anytime I am doing any food prep....she keeps getting in trouble...can you imagine? 

And all that food watching makes you sleepy, and what better pillow than Stormy's butt. 

But she is always ready for a snack...and she says to me "but Mom, I LOVE popcorn"