Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stuffy Bears

Today we were talking with Mom and Dad, and we also got to talk to Kassidy. She made us some Stuffed bears and emailed them to us. The Pink Pirate for Kevin, and a Blue Cowgirl for me.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I have been wanting this

So for a long time I have wanted something like you know what it is?

Can you see the Mickey's? Yes this is my Mickey fabric...

This is a place for me to store and display my watches. Cool right? I love it!!
Thanks Mom for sewing the fabric and Kevin for helping me put it together and hanging it up.
Things have been hectic around here, but we did manage to get a few Christmas things up. We haven't finished completely and there aren't any outside yet, but it is a good start:

Yes there are two for me (Mickey) and one for Kevin :-)


I posted about Deogi, and so to be fair, wanted to post about Stormy. She is very cute and sweet too (unless she is with Deogi, they still don't get along so are never together). I don't think these need anymore description.


When we were on vacation, Desirae had her third baby, Harlow. So while at Universal, we bought them all shirts....Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3....(from the Cat in the Hat)

Thing1: Caelum
Thing 2: Josyln
Thing 3: Harlow

Caelum loved his shirt and was so proud to be Thing 1. Very cute:


Since we have had our new table, we haven't yet put in all the leaves to seat a large group. We did that for Thanksgiving. It is a big table...yet still not big enough for our whole group...


When we got back from vacation, we decided Deogi needed a play date, so we traded dogs with my brother for a few days. We sent Stormy to his house, and brought home Boo Boo (the yellow lab).

Boo Boo is a real sweet dog and she wasn't sure about how wild Deogi was at first but after a day or two, they decided they could play, and then they had a great time. The pictures are a little blurry, but as fast as they were running around and wrestling, they were sorta a blur in real time too.

Many of you know Deogi has a growth on her head and it is Bone Cancer. At this time she is doing fine and is still very active and happy and eats well we have decided her quality of life is more important than doing a bunch of expensive tests and putting her through all that pain. So the growth continues to grow, and we continue to watch her. She is so happy and sweet it breaks my heart sometimes. Here is the latest pictures of her.

How can you not love that face.....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lemon Blossoms

I haven't done too much baking in the last few weeks (well none while on vacation :-) )

I last baked right before we left. I had my first paying customer. So yesterday while I was working (or should have been), I saw this recipe that Paula Deen made on foodtv.

Now I had most of the ingredients, so I made up the rest. They just sounded good with the Lemon....

Next up? Pumpkin Cheesecake for Kevin.

Deck update

It is done! OK, I know it looks like the other one, but hopefully this one is more sturdy and not made of defective product!

The Loot

This time on our trip I didn't really buy too much. Just a few small things for me and a bunch of silly gifts....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walt Disney World

The main part of our vacation was spent at Walt Disney World. Kim and Ron are vacation club members so they know all the ins and outs and they shared with us.

We did have a lot of fun and some good meals.

Breakfast at Chef Mickey's

Oh and of course Kevin ended up in Jail....AGAIN

I hate Deadlines...but I think Walt Disney had a very unique vision and leadership style and I admire him for that. Then I find this.....I will let it pass

It was Halloween while we were there....

The lines weren't too long, but sometimes we had to entertain ourselves while waiting. I also had to be careful, Kim is a big line cutter and kept trying to cut in front of me ;-)
You know are are at Disney when you see the castle.

Outside the Christmas store, we think this should be their Christmas card.

Me and the love of my life. (I will let you sort that one out LOL)

Kevin liked Donald and Goofy here...but after this picture when I was posing with Donald, Donald looked at my wedding ring and pointed at Kevin and shook his head no, and then pointed at himself. I don't think Kevin is a fan of Donald anymore.

Its a bugs life, with our bug eyes

Kim's favorite character is Tigger. That is T-I-double G, rrrr

These green army men from toy story were so cool. They are Real men. I need a green army man like this one.

I know I said this last time I was at Hollywood studios, but I really NEED this too, in my yard.

One night at Epcot we ate in Germany. This is the little German village (for our German friends to see)

Is this a real drinking hat?

Pauline, we know you like big glasses...what do you think? Are they me?

Inside the restaurant.

We really had a great time and for once we took a vacation. That means we didn't constantly check email and phones, and we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Thanks again Kim and Ron, now we just need to get together to exchange photos. You can find more photos here, and when we trade photos we will post more too.

Kim's Birthday!

While on vacation, we were fortunate to help Kim celebrate her birthday. After Harry Potter we went out to dinner

The next day we had Breakfast at Chef Mickey's and Kim got a happy birthday cupcake....I guess cupcakes for breakfast is OK if it is your birthday and you are at Disney.

Here Pluto is trying to take a bite
On top of the cupcake was a chocolate Mickey. Is Kim just showing off the Mickey or is she tormenting me because I didn't get one? Hmmm well it is her birthday so it is OK

We are so glad we got to share the special day with Kim. Hope you had a great birthday!

Vacation...Day 1 Universal Studios

So its been awhile and I made some promises of blogging....Yes we went on vacation! I Love vacation!

We went to Orlando with our friends Kim and Ron. We had a really wonderful time. Thanks to Kim and Ron for inviting us to go with them.

Our first full day, we went over to Universal Studios, Island of Adventure park, for one reason only.....Harry Potter! Yes that is the Hogwarts Castle behind us.

Inside Ollivander's Wand shop

Got Butterbeer? I wish they bottled this stuff it was delicious!

They had all the Hogemeade places...the joke shop, HoneyDukes, Hogs Head, Three Broomsticks...check out more Harry Potter pictures here. Notice the snow? It was 90 degrees out, but some reason this made it cooler.

There are of course other things to do at the park, and one was such as the Dr. Seuss areas....and of course for those of you who follow this blog, you know that Kevin ALWAYS ends up in he is on his way.

We only spent the one day at Universal and only went to the one park. I think I might want to go back and spend more time again.