Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vacation...Day 1 Universal Studios

So its been awhile and I made some promises of blogging....Yes we went on vacation! I Love vacation!

We went to Orlando with our friends Kim and Ron. We had a really wonderful time. Thanks to Kim and Ron for inviting us to go with them.

Our first full day, we went over to Universal Studios, Island of Adventure park, for one reason only.....Harry Potter! Yes that is the Hogwarts Castle behind us.

Inside Ollivander's Wand shop

Got Butterbeer? I wish they bottled this stuff it was delicious!

They had all the Hogemeade places...the joke shop, HoneyDukes, Hogs Head, Three Broomsticks...check out more Harry Potter pictures here. Notice the snow? It was 90 degrees out, but some reason this made it cooler.

There are of course other things to do at the park, and one was such as the Dr. Seuss areas....and of course for those of you who follow this blog, you know that Kevin ALWAYS ends up in he is on his way.

We only spent the one day at Universal and only went to the one park. I think I might want to go back and spend more time again.

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