Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miami ....

I spent the last few days in Miami, where it was a warm dry 80 degrees every day! Sigh....if only I had more time to be out in the sun. It was our annual faculty retreat where I get to see all my FT faculty, a few part timers, we do some professional development and meetings and end with graduation.

As usual at work they took great care of me. I didn't have a "great" view but I could see the ocean....well sorta....

Do you see it? I marked it for you. Ha ha ha

I also love bridges and this one out my window I watched several times as cars stopped so it would raise up and let a boat through. We don't have much water here, so when I get to see that, I enjoy watching it.

Isn't this a fine group of smart folks? This is my faculty:

Here are some of us as we get ready to go to Graduation. I love to see all the Caps and much fun!
Our graduation speaker this year was Colin Powell. He was a great Speaker. I don't normally post many things with/about work...but this was awesome. Unfortunately I was far away....

This really was a highlight of the trip. He shared a great message, was entertaining and I hope was memorable to our graduates.

Making German Sausage

Many of you already know from Kevin's facebook page that we recently made some homemade German Sausage. We used the recipe that my grandmother always used. I know I know it doesn't look appetizing, and it isn't like we eat it every day....but we do know it is all natural and we know everything that is in it. We don't make it very often (once every few years), and we usually share with with many families. It freezes well and cooks up great on the BBQ.

Here we are filling the casing.
We made mostly rings of sausage (as above and below)

This year we also made some sausages more like Bratwurst and did them "bun" length too.

Silly Yogi

We have my brother's dog here for a few weeks. He is Yogi, we have mentioned him here before. He is a real sweetheart. The first week he was here, I took a bath one night and he almost climbed in with me....he thought the big tub was awesome. He did climb in after I got out though....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Miss Matched

Right before New Years, my friend Darline and I finally were able to get together and celebrate Christmas together.

We (and our husbands) first went to dinner at Elaine's Place at the Country Club here in town. It was the first time any of us had been there and it was great! I think it may be one of our new favorite places in town.

We also exchanged gifts. Darline gave me Little Miss Matched socks. I have seen these socks around, but I didn't have any. I love them. First they are very comfortable, but more importantly they are very fun and cool colors. As you can see below, they don't match (hence the name), they come in packs of 3 socks, and they coordinate, but don't actually make "pairs". Darline thought they would be perfect for the work at home person, and I have to admit, I have been wearing them almost every day. (Pauline and Nadine what do you think?)

Check out the website. They have so much more than just socks. And they do have stuff for all ages and for both boys and men too. They also have bedding, furniture, gloves, flip flops, and other accessories. So much fun!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Caelum's 4!

Dec 24th was our great Nephew Caelum's 4th birthday. The theme was he is as we sing Happy Birthday.....

Showing Curt how the Dragon works....

Oh wow...that is a GIANT Buz Lightyear!

Sports Games from Kevin and Jody....

Kim and Jody Checking out the colors.....I am surprised that Jody didn't try to steal these, she loves to color.
It was a fun evening....

Stormy the Lunch Lady

Many of you know that Stormy does not have a lot of hair on her sides. With the cold weather we have been having (many days not even reaching freezing), she has been especially cold. So as much as I hate it, I broke down and bought her a couple of T-shirts. This one says "Cold Paws, Warm Heart" It really does seem to make a difference. So, before we left on New Years Eve, I found this hairnet in the suitcase (left over from our trip to Celestial Seasonings) Jody couldn't resist...and Stormy is such a good sport.

Doesn't she look like a lunch lady?

Happy New Year

Jody and I got our eyes checked on the 31st at our Dr. in Longmont (mine are still perfect), and so decided to spend the day on the frontrange. So we went to the Melting Pot for dinner on New Years eve. We had a nice, relaxing meal there. The dessert was really yummy and they had a message written in the chocolate.

You might need to click on the picture to see it.

Since it was New Years eve we really didn't want to spend much time on the road so we stayed at the Renaissance Boulder FlatIron Hotel. Really nice place and not very expensive due to the deal they had for the night.

So Happy New Year to everyone!