Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ritter Sport - Gebrannte Mandel

Today new chocolate is the Ritter Sport Gebrannte Mandel (Roasted Almonds). Like all Ritter Sport bars the chocolate is a smooth, soft, not to dark type of milk chocolate. The only issue I have with the bar is the nuts, no so much in the flavor of them, as they do taste good, but the size of the almond pieces. They are very small and in some cases kinda sharp.

So while this is a good bar, if you have a sensitivity in your mouth or choke on small pieces you may find this a little unpleasant.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Chip and Dale

Introducing Chip and Dale....no not that Chip and Dale....our two new Kittens:

Chip is the one with the white chest and feet.  Here is chip on the "tree" and Dale on the table.

Again Chip on top

Here is Chip playing with the feathers and Dale, thinking about jumping up too
 Here Dale takes a swing at a feather Kevin is holding out...

The two together, they were getting tired.  
Since we had lost Kyburz, we decided it was now time for us to have a new cat.  Well, we found these two brothers and were "sold".  They are adjusting well so far.  The big question "how are they doing with the dogs?"  Well, they had never been around dogs, so we are taking it slow.  They have met both dogs, and are a little nervous but it is getting better each day. The dogs are very excited to have "kittie brothers" again.  Stay tuned here for more updates and antics. 

Christmas...better late than never

I am so late in posting...but here goes...On Christmas Eve, Kevin snapped this picture of a small herd of deer out in the back pasture area.  

Christmas Morning we woke up to a little snow (sadly, I don't think we have seen snow since.  It has been cold but no snow.  Fingers crossed for a VERY wet late winter and spring)


Maybe you  are wondering how big is Mobi these days?  Tall enough to put her chin on the table (for which she gets in big trouble)

For Christmas, I was able to go get a massage, facial and pedicure.  The first two, are a little hard to show pictures of...but I did finish up with pretty blue toes and very relaxed.  
So that was Christmas....things were quiet here, we relaxed, enjoyed family and tried to rejuvenate for work.  Hope you all had a great holiday!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Return of the Chocolate Reviews! - Dunkle Nugatcreme

After receiving the Christmas box from Florian's family  I was overwhelmed with new chocolate options. There were a few limited edition items and other things that we don't see in the US. So the first one I tried was the Dunkle Nugatcreme. The snow man on the wrapper is a nice touch.
The wrapper

The chocolate was typical Ritter Sport quality, this is a good thing, and it had a a very good flavor. The dark chocolate in the bar is not very bitter and the chocolate melts smoothly on your tongue, without any grittiness.