Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas...better late than never

I am so late in posting...but here goes...On Christmas Eve, Kevin snapped this picture of a small herd of deer out in the back pasture area.  

Christmas Morning we woke up to a little snow (sadly, I don't think we have seen snow since.  It has been cold but no snow.  Fingers crossed for a VERY wet late winter and spring)


Maybe you  are wondering how big is Mobi these days?  Tall enough to put her chin on the table (for which she gets in big trouble)

For Christmas, I was able to go get a massage, facial and pedicure.  The first two, are a little hard to show pictures of...but I did finish up with pretty blue toes and very relaxed.  
So that was Christmas....things were quiet here, we relaxed, enjoyed family and tried to rejuvenate for work.  Hope you all had a great holiday!

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