Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gifts in the mail

 So the other day, I went down to the mail box, and we had received a gift from Florian and his family.  Inside the box was some really fun stuff, a CD of their gospel choir ...

Peanut flips....(Two BIG bags...YUM)...and yes one was opened shortly after this picture...

A little figurine for my mom
A very old Mickey....Florian's Grandma says that his dad played with this Mickey when he was little...

And, more chocolate....

Thanks so much for thinking of us, we love it all! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The view from my office

So I looked up from my computer today and what do I see?  Mobi, who is obviously bored, and watching me, waiting for me to be done with work for the day.....

Now, this pillow/bed she is laying on...we recently got new beds for the girls and this old one was out in the living room.  Mobi has decided she can move it all over the room if she wants.  First it was in the entry way, and I am not sure when she put it outside my office door.

I can tell you though, that seeing this was enough distraction to get me to take at least a little puppy break.

Great Dane Elevated Feeding Dish

When you have a Great Dane, they say that having a raised food dish is a must.  It helps with digestion, and bloat prevention.  Most elevated contraptions only go 12 - 18 inches high, well you have seen Mobi, that just isn't enough.  We had one we had bought and our friend Ron, decided he could use that concept and make a bigger one....One that was Mobi sized..... 

Here is the one we is is great, sturdy no problems, just not very tall.  

This is the one that Ron built for us....

You can see the two together and see the height difference

 Best of all, the new one is Mobi approved!  I don't think she will need it fully extended by the time she is full grown, but this one will last for sure. 

Thanks Ron!  Now, if she didn't eat so much, then drool and slobber all over........

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Mobi

 Mobi loves to lay on pillows, recently the pups got new beds and she drug the old one over and we found her like this (yes I know there are puppy toys everywhere, it is hopeless I can't keep them cleaned up)

Everyone is always asking how big she is getting, well she can put her feet on my shoulders now.....she makes a great dance partner
 But she still likes to sit in my lap....

Monday, May 21, 2012

yummy dinners

Sometimes, meals just look and taste so yummy, you have to take a picture and talk about them. 

Here are two recent dinners, I made for Kevin and I.  First, is a sliced filet sandwich with cheese, and truffle butter, with a mozzarella and sun-dried tomato salad. 

Second, is a tortilla encrusted tilapia with salad and a fresh mix of zucchini, cucumbers, tomato and red onion. 

The girls approved of both too, as they sat in the dining room with us.