Friday, June 27, 2008


Yes, I admit it I was excited about the counter tops (but not quite as excited as Jody claimed I was)... they were 4 days (including the weekend) early. So anytime something happens ahead of schedule it is something to celebrate.

So here are pictures from today...

Working from home....

Is a blessing and a curse.

Today, as you heard from Kevin he has been working on getting all the services set up at the new place, so we are good to go when we close. So today, he calls the insurance people and they must call him back of course, so he calls the phone company. While he is on the phone, the insurance guy calls him back. So I get the pleasure of answering his million of questions. That is one of the good things about working at home, is that I could stop to do this.

The curse? Well I am since both of our lines are busy, my cell phone rings and it is my coworker...since I don't answer, he instantly IM's me. So I get off the phone with the insurance guy, then my coworker calls me, then I have a meeting, then I have class at CSU (ok, I am still in class right now)...but all those calls mean my work does not get finished.

While I am in one of my meetings, the phone rings two or three times, and then Kevin comes in, so excited I think he may pee his pants. He said the HiMac is in...meaning the kitchen counter is in and on that means we really want to go out to the house and have a look. Another blessing, if this CSU class ends soon, we can go out. .... After all the work can wait right????

Stay tuned for pictures later .....

The sucky part about moving....

The sucky part about moving is all the stuff you have to signup for and change. Today I did the following

Signed up for:

Telephone - complicated by the fact we wanted to keep Jody's parents number
Satellite TV - All the silly options and promos
Home Insurance - They have to ask a million questions so they know how much they are insuring

Still to do...
Another broadband card for the laptops
Switch electrical over to our name at close

Still more to do, but less on the list.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rapid Changes to Come

Well the house is running a little late at being done. It was supposed to be completed tomorrow (June 27th), but it didn't quite make it due to supply issues and just too many things to get done.

Anyway, here is the schedule as know it...

27th, The chimney cap is complete, carpet in the basement is started
30th, Final Electric and Final Heating and Air start and should be done by Wed
1st, counter top for kitchen arrives
7th, Refrigerator arrives
8th, elevator installed
10th, all done..

Now there are still many things that need to happen
The deck needs to get finished (the framers are doing great so far)

Final grade of the land is being done right now and is looking nice so far

But there is still lots to do. I think the tile guy probably has the most on his plate at the moment. But I have confidence in him, plus his work is pretty nice so I am happy.

So think happy thoughts that things are gonna start happening. But this time next week we should have a whole lot of changes.

Latest pictures from Tuesday the 23rd are here:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How nerdy are you? I am not too much of a geek....I am slightly more nerdy though.... says I'm a Slightly Dorky Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

I bet Kevin beats me at this too.....he is sooo odd :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

More house pictures

Here are a few pictures of the house today....

This is the basement Kitchen area....

Main Kitchen, upstairs

Front entry way

Little guest bath. We call it the office bath since it is next to the office...and we are very creative like that.

My brother.....

Redneck or not......

I will leave it up to you. But here is his picture!

These are some coveralls that my Uncle Joe (aka Macho Man), sent to my brother. My parents were in CA, visiting them last week.

To blog or not to blog

There are some events or topics that you sorta want to share, because the future will bring something definately worth blogging about. But then again, maybe it isn't quite appropriate... Well this is one of those topics. Maybe turn the monitor away from the little kids......

We are really hoping to breed our dog Stormy (silver lab). You can't control when she goes into heat, so it just happens that the last two weeks have been her time. That meant that we needed to get a male dog here. My brother has a yellow lab named Yogi. He has been visiting the house for the past few days. Let me just say he is VERY interested in Stormy and she thinks he is cute too.

We hope it takes!

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us! Yesterday was our 9th anniversary. I can't believe how fast time has gone. We didn't do anything super exciting. We did go to dinner last night here in town at O' Sole Mio a small Italian resturant here in town. It was ok. The food was ok, but the company was great! :)

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Kevin! I love you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Its been how long?

So I was sitting here munching on some Curly (see my earlier post), and thought man it has been a long time since I blogged. So before I start, go to the bathroom, get a drink and a snack, take a deep we go....

So a couple of weeks ago we went to Loveland to look at lights for the house and met some friends for dinner at our favorite chinese place:

Then on the way, home I thought about you all. I thought that many of you really don't have an idea of what the drive is like for us, and how wide open things are. So I took some pictures of the scenery...well mostly feedlots/dairies, there are a lot of them, and two of the largest in the state also:

This set below is all the same feedlot:

These are all one huge dairy:

They have buffalo at this dairy:

and in case you are wondering, ...yes you do make money at the dairy .... this is one of two houses that belong to the owners of the dairy:

The scenes driving really aren't much differen than the scene from our new house... :)

You have to feed all those cows something....Kevin and I came upon this huge hay, the other day right by our new mailboxes:

And, so you have now looked at all these pictures....but not one of any people. Well, I have one more picture to share. The quality of the photo isn't good, but the content was great...oh and Kevin is good also :)

Whew, that was a lot! So you are now dismissed.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Movies at the Drive-In

Jody and I went to the local drive-in movie theater last night to catch a couple of flicks. The nights entertainment started with Made of Honor and was followed up by Sex and the City.

Made of Honor was your typical romantic comedy a la 'My Best Friends Wedding'. With a title like that you could argue that it should be some type of war movie, so I'm not really sure where they were going with it, other than the bad play on words. You saw where it was going 10 miles away and Jody even picked up on the "hook" that would happen near the end, very early in the movie. Needless to say, it was very predictable. Jody thought that Patrick Dempsey was a little old for the role. I'll have to agree with her here. Also, I thought that basically he was pretty much playing the same character, when the character was 'popular', that he played in Can't Buy Me Love but a little older.

As for Sex and the City, I'll have to admit that I was a fan of the show. I will have to say that the crowd at the drive-in was nothing like the showing our friend Amanda went to. The movie started out well with cuts and pacing like the 30 minute show. But then it started to drag on.. The running time is 140 mins or something like that and Entertainment Weekly said it could be cut to about 70 mins.. I think 90 would have been just fine. Speaking from the male perspective, obviously the women were the focal point of the movie, but is also seems that the men in the movie were really one-dimensional. Steve is even more whiny, Big is unsure, Harry is hardly seen/happy father and Smith is just there to be looked at by the girls in the audience. Jody thought that the 'kiss' by Anthony and Stanford should have been followed up a little, and I agree (BTW, I did have to look up some of the character names on imdb). I think they tried to do too much and kinda ended up with a disjointed story. Anyway, not a bad flick, but not a classic.

So for $5 a person to see two movies going to the drive-in is not bad. I think I might try taking the other car next time, The window tinting on the MDX kinda got in the way of the show. The sound was good since it was over the FM radio in the car and the MDX has a great sound system. I would not recommend hitting the drive-in for a visual effects movie. I think you would lose too much but for stories like these, it was fine.

Made of Honor - save it for NetFlix or skip
Can't Buy Me Love - Classic 80's movie, if you haven't seen it, it is worth the rental
Sex in the City - If your a fan of the show, and can't wait it, it is worth the ticket price. Otherwise, save it for NetFlix

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dish or DirecTV

Help... I can't decide on which satellite TV service to choose...


Friday, June 6, 2008


We had to spend last Sunday in Brighton getting stuff for the house, so we left the dogs out at Doug's house..

So from left to right.... Boo Boo, Stormy, Deogi and Shadow... (BTW, they are not all ours, just Deogi and Stormy)... :)

June Rain

Out here in Colorado, around this time of the year, the rain has pretty much come to an end until the fall. My cousin April was complaining about the rain but she is in Seattle, so I'm not sure that counts. Any way I thought I would share a couple of pictures of the rain at the new house yesterday.

The black truck is our contractors truck. I'm surprised he can still afford to drive the thing.

The good news is that the tilts and swales that were put in to keep the rain away from the house appear to be working correctly.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The great repick....

Well, we found out that we were way over budget on the tile and everything we picked. I don't think the guy at the tile store was very helpful about keeping us within budget. So we went with our contractor down to the store and went though it all again... so here is what we ended up with.

For the guest bath we picked this... Very similar to what we picked before. The accent will be used as a band and backsplash.

For the downstairs master bath we picked this

the small tiles will be used on the shower floor, the other tile will be 12x12 on the walls and 18x18 on the floor.

For the upstairs master bath we went with this. The floor tile is large 20x20 and it a slate look, but is actually tile. I was concerned about real slate being a little porous and sharp. So We found the tile. The accent tile will be cut in to two tile strips and used to make bands and the backsplash. The other tile will be used as wall tile.

The other baths will be pretty basic and so we went with this for one of them