Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rapid Changes to Come

Well the house is running a little late at being done. It was supposed to be completed tomorrow (June 27th), but it didn't quite make it due to supply issues and just too many things to get done.

Anyway, here is the schedule as know it...

27th, The chimney cap is complete, carpet in the basement is started
30th, Final Electric and Final Heating and Air start and should be done by Wed
1st, counter top for kitchen arrives
7th, Refrigerator arrives
8th, elevator installed
10th, all done..

Now there are still many things that need to happen
The deck needs to get finished (the framers are doing great so far)

Final grade of the land is being done right now and is looking nice so far

But there is still lots to do. I think the tile guy probably has the most on his plate at the moment. But I have confidence in him, plus his work is pretty nice so I am happy.

So think happy thoughts that things are gonna start happening. But this time next week we should have a whole lot of changes.

Latest pictures from Tuesday the 23rd are here:

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Dolores said...

Hi Kevin and Jody,
Your house is awesome. I love the tile in your Mickey shower. Glad your almost there.