Thursday, June 5, 2008

The great repick....

Well, we found out that we were way over budget on the tile and everything we picked. I don't think the guy at the tile store was very helpful about keeping us within budget. So we went with our contractor down to the store and went though it all again... so here is what we ended up with.

For the guest bath we picked this... Very similar to what we picked before. The accent will be used as a band and backsplash.

For the downstairs master bath we picked this

the small tiles will be used on the shower floor, the other tile will be 12x12 on the walls and 18x18 on the floor.

For the upstairs master bath we went with this. The floor tile is large 20x20 and it a slate look, but is actually tile. I was concerned about real slate being a little porous and sharp. So We found the tile. The accent tile will be cut in to two tile strips and used to make bands and the backsplash. The other tile will be used as wall tile.

The other baths will be pretty basic and so we went with this for one of them

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Slave to the dogs said...

I hear slate is messy too - it flakes. Good call on the tile.

I'll post pictures of our master bath floor soon - we did a pinwheel pattern with accents similar to the ones you picked for your master. It looks gorgeous.