Saturday, June 14, 2008

Movies at the Drive-In

Jody and I went to the local drive-in movie theater last night to catch a couple of flicks. The nights entertainment started with Made of Honor and was followed up by Sex and the City.

Made of Honor was your typical romantic comedy a la 'My Best Friends Wedding'. With a title like that you could argue that it should be some type of war movie, so I'm not really sure where they were going with it, other than the bad play on words. You saw where it was going 10 miles away and Jody even picked up on the "hook" that would happen near the end, very early in the movie. Needless to say, it was very predictable. Jody thought that Patrick Dempsey was a little old for the role. I'll have to agree with her here. Also, I thought that basically he was pretty much playing the same character, when the character was 'popular', that he played in Can't Buy Me Love but a little older.

As for Sex and the City, I'll have to admit that I was a fan of the show. I will have to say that the crowd at the drive-in was nothing like the showing our friend Amanda went to. The movie started out well with cuts and pacing like the 30 minute show. But then it started to drag on.. The running time is 140 mins or something like that and Entertainment Weekly said it could be cut to about 70 mins.. I think 90 would have been just fine. Speaking from the male perspective, obviously the women were the focal point of the movie, but is also seems that the men in the movie were really one-dimensional. Steve is even more whiny, Big is unsure, Harry is hardly seen/happy father and Smith is just there to be looked at by the girls in the audience. Jody thought that the 'kiss' by Anthony and Stanford should have been followed up a little, and I agree (BTW, I did have to look up some of the character names on imdb). I think they tried to do too much and kinda ended up with a disjointed story. Anyway, not a bad flick, but not a classic.

So for $5 a person to see two movies going to the drive-in is not bad. I think I might try taking the other car next time, The window tinting on the MDX kinda got in the way of the show. The sound was good since it was over the FM radio in the car and the MDX has a great sound system. I would not recommend hitting the drive-in for a visual effects movie. I think you would lose too much but for stories like these, it was fine.

Made of Honor - save it for NetFlix or skip
Can't Buy Me Love - Classic 80's movie, if you haven't seen it, it is worth the rental
Sex in the City - If your a fan of the show, and can't wait it, it is worth the ticket price. Otherwise, save it for NetFlix

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Slave to the dogs said...

Good observation about the guy characters. I didn't like what they did with Big or with Smith, but I did think they did pretty well with Steve. And it was too long. They could have cut out a half hour in the middle and it would have been fine.