Saturday, February 28, 2009


Went to go see Slumdog Millionare at the local theater last night. First impression of the theater was that they have improved it alot since we were there last (probably 5 years). So with the renovations the 3rd and 4th screens are not like watching a big screen TV any more.

The movie was great, interesting story and the way it was told was both entertaining and somewhat sad at the sametime. I would recommend seeing it, even if you go to see it to try and understand how some people live in India. I'm sure some people live better, but with my coworkers I talk to, I find that India is a dynamic place, but also has its share of rough places.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grilled Pizza

Not long ago I saw a chef on TV grill a pizza. It looked really cool and yummy so I decided to try it. When DiDi was here this summer, we tried it out and it works really great. In fact, this summer we each made our own mini pizzas with our favorite toppings.

Recently Kevin has wanted to try it with a white sauce. So I decided to make Grilled chicken garlic pizza......

First I put the dough on the grill to cook it on one side:

Once it is brown on one side, you flip it over and now you are ready for your toppings. Starting with the white sauce:

The chicken....


Some cheese to melt on top....

Here is the final product....The crust is so good when cooked this way. My mom said she could just cook the bread this way and eat it without any toppings.

This was really good. Watch out CPK!

Geese Galore

Yesterday Kevin and I went to town to do some errands. It was such a nice day, we decided to drive through the park. This is what we found:

That is a lot of Geese.

When we got home, we played Frisbee with the dogs. Picked up some tumbleweeds that had blown into the yard, and then just relaxed. What a great Saturday!

Friday, February 13, 2009

1234567890 seconds from the Unix epoch

So where were you today around 4:31pm Mountain Time today? Me, well I was watching the count up to 1234567890 seconds from the UNIX epoch (Jan 1,1970 at 00:00 UTC).

Pretty pathetic huh...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl

Well, I have to say that was a pretty good game. I think both teams were playing pretty well, but at times it seemed that AZ's defense could have played a little better. At the party I went to most of the people were rooting for AZ (since they were the underdog), and most people there didn't have either team as "their" team. So, Jody decided that she would root for Pittsburgh since no one else was. The end of the game was quite exciting and had us all watching closely.

Thanks Kim and Curt for hosting the party!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

There is no place like home

I am home. Yea!

I reconnected with many colleagues I knew and met many more wonderful people. Connecting with those I only talk to via email or phone is really nice. We had a wonderful hotel, amazing food, and all our needs were met. In fact, this morning I said to Kevin, "How come the table isn't set for breakfast? Where is all the wonderful fresh fruit, and waffles? How come no one is bringing me coffee?" :)

None of that matters when I can sit at home, completely relaxed with my family and puppies.

So I am glad I clicked my heals and now am home where I belong.