Tuesday, May 19, 2015


When we first got Chip and Dale they were afraid to go outside.  We rescued them from a shelter where they had spent their entire life inside.  Outside was very scary.  Now, if they don't get to go outside, they drive us nuts running around the house, chasing each other, jumping up to look out windows etc.  

They are great hunters and they often bring me "gifts"  Gifts I could do without, but yet I find them on the deck occasionally.

And what do you do after a great day of hunting?  You come up and relax on the deck of course:

Hunting is hard work after all......

Friday, May 15, 2015

Easter Sunday

This post is a little late......On Easter Sunday afternoon, Doug and Cindy, Greg, Desirae and her family all came out to do an egg hunt and spend the afternoon.

The kids enjoyed the hunt....but one egg was missing...I found it the next day:

So I guess that means I was the winner!  LOL

The kids ran and played and thus so did Mobi, she loves the kids and wants to spend hours with them outside.  So they had a nice chance to play and then after time to relax in the sun.  Here is Mobi and Caelum (age 9).  I love this, it shows her gentle spirit, how big she is compared to him, and the love they have for each other.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rain Rain go away, come again another day....

So we have had tons of rain.  May 11 was the first "dry" day in May, meaning it was the first day we didn't have some precipitation.  In the spring it is common for us to get rain showers in the afternoon. What is not common is the continuous rain we have been having.

You may have seen that on May 1, Kevin posted this on FB.

Now these were not snow...that was Hail....and it wasn't near our home, it was Brighton and we were fortunate to miss the hail, just had a downpour of rain.  

But it didn't stop there, almost every day we had rain.  May 8 - 9 I am not sure it ever stopped raining, and of course our ground was saturated with water.  So Saturday morning we woke up to some water in the basement and worked throughout the day to ensure that we didn't get more.  Overall we had about 7-9 inches of rain.  
Here you can see our dog run.....mud...

On Mother's Day, May 10 we woke up to snow.  Yes snow!  We were predicted to get a LOT of snow:
We were lucky, and didn't get that much.  We only got about 2-3 inches.  But it was enough to have a little fun:  

Though they didn't last long as finally that afternoon we got a little sun....

Our water levels are high now in this area, and Monday May 11, I think all the schools in the entire county were closed as many country roads were washed out.  We aren't quite to the levels of 2013 yet but the river is higher than we typically would see:

You can see the bridge isn't at the level to flood yet.  

 But the river is flowing higher than usual
 Even the park is completely flooded.

We are getting some "rest" from the rain early this week and we expect the river to reach its highest point on Thursday as the water that was in Denver last week makes it way here.   That said, we don't anticipate any flooding dangers for us.  

I was glad to see the sun come back out.  I need the sun.  Kevin even said, I am happier with the sunshine...good thing we have over 300 days of sun a year!  Don't get me wrong, I am not looking forward to the 100+ temps this summer, but for now I will settle with some 70's and sun.  

Happy Spring!