Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dog Visitors

This morning, I looked out the window of our bathroom and saw this....

A black lab mix and a German Shepard mix. The pipe you see in this bottom picture is where bunnies are known to go and you can see that this dog tried to dig to get to them (sigh, now we have to fix the pipe again...this isn't the first time dogs have done this).

We aren't sure where these dogs belong. We have never seen them before. They are certainly comfortable waiting here. I first noticed them this morning around 8 am, but they are still there as of 1 pm today.....just hanging out... We may have to try to chase them off, but we were hoping some owners would come looking for them soon.

UPDATE: Since these two were still hanging around, we went out to see if they were friendly and if they had a collar on. They did not have a collar, so we called the Sheriff, they sent out a deputy and he picked them up. They were pretty scared, I think someone must have dumped them. So sad, they seemed like nice dogs, if we didn't already have two, I might have kept them....

New Pictures

We had some pictures we wanted to get framed. One was a picture Collage of many pictures that Pauline sent us from her trip here (see below post, she will be here again in July....we are soooo excited to see her again).

The other picture is a puzzle, and all puzzles (for those who have been to our house, and if you haven't visited yet, you should....) go on the wall on Mickey Mouse Drive.....

We had these framed in Longmont, and our friends Kim and Ron picked them up for us and brought them to Brighton where we met them for dinner Friday night. Thanks Kim for stopping in to pick them up....also thanks for not switching Mickey with a fake.... LOL

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shhhh Stormy is in my meeting

I have a lot of online meetings, and I use my headset and listen and often talk too. Today I was just listening....ok, and I was a little bored. So, I let Stormy try on the headset. Here is she in the meeting....

I think she got bored too.....

This didn't last long, and I went back to my own listening.

Mickey Pancakes

One of my faculty members was in Orlando and picked up a Mickey Pancake mold for me. So I had to try it out, with blueberry pancakes. They were yummy....and I am sure the mold had a lot to do with that ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Somebody say Chocolate????

I haven't really been baking much. As many of you know I was very sick the first part of the year, and am just now back to normal. Well normal for Jody ;-)

If you know Kevin, you know he loves chocolate. So I decided to make a triple chocolate cupcake. It is Chocolate Cupcake, with a ganache filling, and chocolate frosting. I made both regular size cupcakes and mini cupcakes....

Here is Kevin trying out a mini cupcake....enjoy the 'action' shots...

They are very yummy, and very sweet. I am not sure where Kevin is now, probably out somewhere wearing off the sugar....or thinking about coming in for know Kevin.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Couple's gift

Looking for that perfect gift for a couple? Look no further. Perpetual Kid has a great item for you:

I am not sure what Tongue Fur is, but if someone has it, I am sure they want to remove it. And best of all this is only $4.99

Monday, February 7, 2011

Magic Wand

I love Think Geek . They have some of the coolest gadgets, and this one is really awesome. I know my Harry Potter friends will agree:

A programmable TV Magic Wand:

check out the video: