Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dog Visitors

This morning, I looked out the window of our bathroom and saw this....

A black lab mix and a German Shepard mix. The pipe you see in this bottom picture is where bunnies are known to go and you can see that this dog tried to dig to get to them (sigh, now we have to fix the pipe again...this isn't the first time dogs have done this).

We aren't sure where these dogs belong. We have never seen them before. They are certainly comfortable waiting here. I first noticed them this morning around 8 am, but they are still there as of 1 pm today.....just hanging out... We may have to try to chase them off, but we were hoping some owners would come looking for them soon.

UPDATE: Since these two were still hanging around, we went out to see if they were friendly and if they had a collar on. They did not have a collar, so we called the Sheriff, they sent out a deputy and he picked them up. They were pretty scared, I think someone must have dumped them. So sad, they seemed like nice dogs, if we didn't already have two, I might have kept them....

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