Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miami ....

I spent the last few days in Miami, where it was a warm dry 80 degrees every day! Sigh....if only I had more time to be out in the sun. It was our annual faculty retreat where I get to see all my FT faculty, a few part timers, we do some professional development and meetings and end with graduation.

As usual at work they took great care of me. I didn't have a "great" view but I could see the ocean....well sorta....

Do you see it? I marked it for you. Ha ha ha

I also love bridges and this one out my window I watched several times as cars stopped so it would raise up and let a boat through. We don't have much water here, so when I get to see that, I enjoy watching it.

Isn't this a fine group of smart folks? This is my faculty:

Here are some of us as we get ready to go to Graduation. I love to see all the Caps and much fun!
Our graduation speaker this year was Colin Powell. He was a great Speaker. I don't normally post many things with/about work...but this was awesome. Unfortunately I was far away....

This really was a highlight of the trip. He shared a great message, was entertaining and I hope was memorable to our graduates.

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