Saturday, December 11, 2010


When we got back from vacation, we decided Deogi needed a play date, so we traded dogs with my brother for a few days. We sent Stormy to his house, and brought home Boo Boo (the yellow lab).

Boo Boo is a real sweet dog and she wasn't sure about how wild Deogi was at first but after a day or two, they decided they could play, and then they had a great time. The pictures are a little blurry, but as fast as they were running around and wrestling, they were sorta a blur in real time too.

Many of you know Deogi has a growth on her head and it is Bone Cancer. At this time she is doing fine and is still very active and happy and eats well we have decided her quality of life is more important than doing a bunch of expensive tests and putting her through all that pain. So the growth continues to grow, and we continue to watch her. She is so happy and sweet it breaks my heart sometimes. Here is the latest pictures of her.

How can you not love that face.....

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