Friday, April 27, 2012


So many of you know Kevin is working in San Diego.  Every week, he travels out works and comes home on the weekends.  Well a couple of weeks ago, I decided to fly out also, we stayed over the weekend, did a little siteseeing, but mostly it was about seeing Family (watch for another post soon). 

We went to the Toys R Us nearby and I met this Lego Fireman, and I needed to kiss him for his "service". 

We also decided to go to this lake and do a little walk across the bridge.  You can see that the it was a really gorgeous day outside the sky was really blue. 

 I love bridges and when I saw this from the road, I knew I HAD to walk across it. 

We also got to go to a couple of nearby Vineyards and did some tasting.  Here Kevin and I are stomping.....don't you love Kevin's dress?  (Yes he is the girl)

 I loved all these barrels.....

After the weekend, Kevin still was working at the offices there, so I hung out at the hotel and worked from there.  There was this pretty lemon tree ...
 And the hotel pool, I would sit out here in the afernoon, or if I just needed to get out of the room for a bit....
 I really liked the grill area outside the pool too. 

10:30 am an already 80 degrees, it was wonderful.  

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