Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Kevin

Today is Kevin's Birthday.  About a week ago, he saw a red velvet cheesecake somewhere and decided he wanted one.  Well, I am usually up for trying a new recipe, so I said "find a recipe, and I will make one"  So off he went and he printed out a recipe from 

I made a list and went off to the grocery store.....I didn't do any pretty decorations as it was late last night when I finished it, so it is a little plain on the outside....

But when we sliced into it for coffee break today (Kevin couldn't wait any longer for his cake), it looked pretty good: 

It is really rich and sweet, but it tastes really good....I hope Kevin likes it too.  He is worth all the work!  Love you Kevin!

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Steve said...

Wow - love the thickness of the layer between the cake. Looks really good. Happy Birthday to Kevin and great job Jodi!