Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Orlando Trip

You may know that I LOVE Mickey Mouse and LOVE Disney Parks.  I would go every time I hear a friend going  But I cannot.  I was in Orlando in Feb, but since then I have had friends go.....makes me very sad (ie Jealous). Instead, I sent them a picture of me and said take me a long....they were great sports and did so.  So I took a trip to Disney as "Flat Jody"

Here Duffy and I are ready to head out...

I had a great trip, I saw Mickey right away at the airport...

I did the toy story ride
 And a bugs life
 Did some shopping

Saw the tree of life
 And best of all, I got to have my picture taken with Kim and Mickey

What fun....but of course I really just want to go even more now...

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