Thursday, January 29, 2009

HS Friends

I've been helping my friend Jim get in touch with various classmates for my 20th class reunion (egads). So far it has been really fun, although I'm still not a big fan of the cold call. I have about five more people to talk to, to get thru my list.


Steve said...

Kev - US here trying to make you feel younger. I graduated High School 40 years ago today! The LA School systems had Winter and Summer classes. I was Winter Class of 1969 and 40 years ago I got my diploma - now if I could only remember where I put it.

Kevin said...

Thanks! That does make me feel a little younger, but not much.

Dolores said...

My dad graduated from Bowling Green University 55 years ago yesterday. Now that should make you and US feel really young!! AD