Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yogi's water dish

Jody's brother has a dog named Yogi, he is a 3yr old red/yellow lab and is a pretty good sized dog that likes to chew stuff up. So Jody decided that he needed a new water dish since he wrecked his old one. So about a week or so ago we took it over to him.

Unfortunately, Yogi used it as a dish for about 5 mins and then decided it would make a better frisbee. Now remember that this is a softish rubber dish that weighs around 3-5lbs and he was carrying it around like it was nothing.

Yogi playing keep away with it

Yogi trying to get Doug to throw it

Racing back from fetching it
So we are glad that he loves his new dish, but I don't think there will be much water in it, ever....


Jody said...

Not that I thought it would be a water dish :). Yogi had a dish like this and he loved it so much as a toy...that is why I thought he needed a new one...he needed a new toy :).

This should last through the summer though as he chews it up and carries it around. Ha ha ha

Steve said...

Now why can't we be as happy with a water dish as a dog?