Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wild Animal Sanctuary

So Pauline has been here about a week now and so we thought we would do some site seeing. Since Jody and I had never been to the Wild Animal Sanctuary we thought it would be a good place to take Pauline. They are know for having several big cats like lions and tigers and I have to say that I have never seen so many tigers in one spot. I think they have about 25 of them.

This is one of the 40 acre parcels where they keep the animals. This one should have a lion in it, but I think they are inside at the moment.

This is one of the jaguars that lives there.

One of the sections of where they keep the tigers. They put them in small groups so that they can get used to one another and then they move them to larger pens as they become socialized.

The walkway to view the animals is above them, so you can look right down to them. Here are two LARGE tigers just sleeping the day away...

They had some lions too, but they were sleeping...

I didn't get any pictures of the bears because they were in a far away area that you could not get real close to. They also had some wolves, but by the time I got closer to them, they had went back into their den.

So hope you enjoyed learning about the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

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