Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fortune Cookie

So we are revising one of our classes at work, and the courses always begin with an introduction. We want students and faculty to get to know each other before they work together for several weeks. In this course we are revisioning we are having students open a virtual fortune cookie:

We say "Take a moment to infuse some “randomness” into your thoughts on the course…go to, and open a “virtual fortune cookie,” and tell us what it says. Next, see if you can tell us how the message might relate to what lies ahead of you in this class!"

So now I have an assignment for all of you "Take a moment to infuse some “randomness” into your Life…go to, and open a “virtual fortune cookie,” and tell us what it says.

I of course did the homework first :) I am nerdy like that

My fortune cookie says:
This life is yours. Some of it was given to you; the rest, you made yourself.

I believe I was given many gifts and I hope I am able to use them to make a great life for me, my family and my friends....

what does your cookie say?


Steve said...

Jody - here's what mine said, "You will be successful in your work." Considering I was in Salem, Seattle and Anchorage this week seeing customers, I'd say the immediate past tense is correct, so we'll have to see about next week. US

Jody said...

Hi Steve,

Congrats :) I think that this could mean in general. You are successful not only in your business, but also in your love for life, your love of God, family and friends. I believe all fortunes are what we make of them.

Holly said...

Thought I'd play along! My fortune is not even a fortune...A lifetime isn't nearly long enough to figure out what it's all about. Thank God for eternal life, right?