Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goodbye Shadow

11 years ago, Mert, Jean, Jody and Kevin went out to a small farm to look at the puppies. We picked out a very cute, sweet black lab mix, and she was named Shadow.

The last few weeks were rough on Shadow. She had arthritis, diabetes, and her liver and kidneys started to fail.

Thus Jean had to make the heartbreaking decision to put Shadow to sleep on Tuesday. We were all very sad. Even Stormy and Deogi miss her, as they walk around the house and look for her.

Our pets do become like family and we learn their personalities just like people. They bring us much love and enjoyment, and when they are gone we are saddened by our loss.

Here is a picture of order left to right Boo Boo (Doug's dog), Stormy, Deogi, and Shadow.


Nadine said...

Hi, it is so sad that Shadow is gone. I haven´t seen her very long, but I know that she was a wonderful dog. I feel very sorry for you

Steve said...

I'm sorry you lost a family pet as it definately leaves a hole in your life. US