Monday, September 27, 2010

A different Colorado Tour

So our cousin Matt has been visiting us. We are so glad he is here:

Matt is into crafting his own beers and wanted to see some of our we did a lot:
Oskar Blues
Left hand tap
New Belgium

We also had some good eats by Jody (of course) and
Old Chicago

But it hasn't been all food and drink. Holly wanted us to do the nature Sunday after church we went out to Nature....we went down along the Platte River here in town and walked along the was really warm (about 95) out, but we had a good time...

We have really enjoyed having Matt here, and showing him the sites. We wish more family would come to visit and enjoy the same great Colorado Hospitality....
Hope you had a great time Matt....

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Holly said...

Glad you all have been enjoying each others company (and nature!) and taking in the unique Colorado brew... I realized that it's almost been 10 years since I've visited. Shamefully.