Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Peanut Flip Review

When Kevin and I were in France for our Honeymoon (many many years ago....Ahhh how I long to go back to Europe (hopefully to Germany)...hint hint hint Kevin....)  we had Curly for the very first time.  I have blogged about Curly many times....I absolutely LOVE them.

I knew them as this:

When we were in Florida and visiting with Florian and his parents they brought me some. I was in heaven.  Finally we found some.....still made by Lorenz but called:

I was in love....YUM YUM YUM.    My favorite...

Then just the other day, we went to World Market.

So this is what I have learned, while the ones from Brentwood that we picked up at World Market were good, the original things from Lorenz from Germany are the absolute best!    They are so good, so peanutty, and crunchy just a great snack.   In a pinch, if I don't have any of the Lorenz and I happen to be close to a World Market (the nearest one is about 100 miles =160 KM) away, and they happened to have these, I would try it, but I would always want the original first. :)

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