Sunday, February 10, 2013

Venezuela Edel-Zartbitter Edelcacao

Venezuela Edel-Zartbitter Edelcacao, also known as Precious Dark Chocolate, is a 56% cacao chocolate bar. While at the less bitter end of the dark chocolates, this bar has a good flavor . This bar has much firmer texture than any of the Ritter Sports, so the chocolate is not as smooth from the start. But once the bar is in your mouth the chocolate melts and has a little bit of the bitter flavor, which still giving a nice chocolate experience that coats your mouth nicely.

Packaging a little different, and makes it good for not eating it all at once

I really enjoyed this chocolate and would recommend it.

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Holly said...

Did you get the Ritter mint chocolate this year? My favorite! I'm on the look out for it...maybe in Spain. I'll try to remember to bring you some excellent chocolate from Lviv Chocolate Factory. You'll love it!