Monday, May 27, 2013

Good News!

So it has been awhile.  What has been going on?  A LOT! 

Many of you know my dad has been very ill since Jan.  He spent about 6 weeks in the hospital.  He then spent about 10 weeks in a nursing home doing some rehab.  I am happy to report he is HOME.  He came home on Friday May 24th.  Not only has his life forever changed with his disability, but also so has ours.  We are learning how best to help him, and support him here at home.  My mom has also had a hip replacement surgery, so it will take us some time for all of us to adjust.  We are just thankful we are all together.  I want to thank everyone for their patience in not having any new blog posts all this time.  Most of all, I want to thank everyone, for their visits, their kind words and their prayers of my dad and my family. 

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