Tuesday, May 19, 2015


When we first got Chip and Dale they were afraid to go outside.  We rescued them from a shelter where they had spent their entire life inside.  Outside was very scary.  Now, if they don't get to go outside, they drive us nuts running around the house, chasing each other, jumping up to look out windows etc.  

They are great hunters and they often bring me "gifts"  Gifts I could do without, but yet I find them on the deck occasionally.

And what do you do after a great day of hunting?  You come up and relax on the deck of course:

Hunting is hard work after all......


Linda said...

Lovely photos, beautiful cat. :)

Toby Valentine said...

Hah, dat cats (:

Cats always make something our of the mind, how they live...

Toby, ideals