Friday, November 7, 2008


After reading April's post on the election I felt that I should make a couple of comments. I believe that April did a really good job of expressing herself. First of all, neither party could ever provide a candidate that would appease everyone in the US. America is in a state right now that it is to divided and to partisan. Also, it seems like neither side is willing to give an inch. It is really quite sad. Hot topics end up in arguments so no discourse can be achieved and common ground found. For many people the thought process right now is "have my view or you are wrong". With that kind of mindset we, as a country, are going nowhere fast.

As for the election results I think that the Republicans started out way behind because many people in the US would have taken 'anyone but a Republican'. John McCain has done some great service for our country, but I also believe that during the campaign his original goals got sidelined in place of what the Republican machine wanted. His concession speech was excellent and hopefully the politicians will take his advice. At least he is still in the Senate.

I hope the Democrats don't take this big win to their heads and think they have all the power now, because if they are not doing things right, the people will vote them out too. I already saw how Joe Lieberman was already going to be 'punished' for crossing party lines when he talked for McCain during the campaign. This is really unfortunate as this sets a precedent for what happens when a representative crosses party lines.

As for our new President-Elect, I hope that some of the things he has promised do happen. I don't expect all of them to occur and actually hope some of them do not. If you look at other past presidents and look at what they promised during their campaigns and then to what they accomplished I don't believe any of them accomplished 100% of them. I don't think it is possible to even do it. I think he will be lucky if he even gets started on 25% of them during this term. I do believe that Obama was the better choice for world relations. I think we have been a poor neighbor as a country in the last few years. I expect that Obama will help to ease some of those tensions.

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Holly said...

I liked what you said about being a good neighbor. It works on an individual level and on a national level. Gave me food for thought!