Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vegas... baby

Well we have been in Las Vegas since Monday and we are leaving on Thursday. Jody had to present at the e -Learn 2008 conference here and so I came along for support. So far nothing really exciting is going on. We rode the monorail to go from our hotel to the conference location. It seemed to be fine. We sat next to a guy on the plane who lived in Vegas and we asked him about the monorail. All he could say that there had been no problems with it in the last year or so, but before that wheels were falling off. That was conforting. Jody's boss took several work folks to dinner at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba and I went along too, but had to pay my way. The food was good, but portions were kinda small, but that was to be expected considering it was tapas. Kari and Matt where there as well and they joined us at dinner to. Kari works there part time and so that is why they came along.

Vegas seems really kinda quiet, I know it is November and usally it is cold here this time of year, but the casinos seem a little empty and the sidewalks are not packed. I guess the economic issues are hitting here as well.

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Crystalsea said...

Yes, Vegas tourism has really slowed down. Glad you had a nice time. ---AW