Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

I got a call from my Uncle Phil this morning and it was great to hear from him. He was asking how much snow we got and so I thought I would post some pictures. We don't have near what April has, but it will still be here on Christmas. So this is this morning about 7:45am with the temperature at about 7F.

When the snow was coming down yesterday, Shadow was out in it. I'm not sure what she thinks about it (Shadow does not have very many deep thoughts), but she seemed perfectly happy.

So I guess it is time to get out the shovel... or maybe the broom, I'll have to see how wet it is.


April said...

I wish that was all the snow we had. I posted new pics this morning.

Crystalsea said...

Brrrrrrr...7 degrees. Yeah, you don't have enough snow, hehehe.