Sunday, July 19, 2009

Central Coast of California

Kevin had his 20th high school reunion last month in California, and so here are some of the pictures from the trip. So before the big BBQ, we decided to have a couple of days relaxing. San Antonio was fun, but since you can never have enough vacation we spent a couple more days in Solvang, CA. Now when Kevin was growing up all this area was, was a Dutch themed vacation spot. However, with the growth of the wine industry in CA, the Santa Ynez valley is now becoming a world renown area for wine.

We flew into Santa Barbara and then drove to Solvang, but before we got there we had to stop and have dinner at Pea Soup Anderson's.

Just stopping for some cheese and bread is enough for me, but the soup is good too. Normally I don't even bother to look at the menu as I just order the "Traveler's Special". But this time we decided to the soup in bread bowls, which was also very good.

The next day we roamed around Solvang doing quality control for the bakeries around town. It was a hard job, but someone has to do it. We did determine that Mortenson's was our favorite bakery, and they are welcome to send me some cream cheese danish anytime they choose (hopefully, very soon).

While were were there we stayed at the Wine Valley Inn, which is in the old Tivoli Inn building. The accommodations were great. If you stay there over the weekend, they even have a complimentary wine tasting, in the evening.

The room we stayed in was up on the 3rd floor, and there was no elevator! But it had a nice view and was very quiet.

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