Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Garden Tractor...

As you all know we have a large area to mow now and Jody keeps breaking the tractors. We decided that we might need a new one and had been kinda looking, but I was hoping to wait until next year and hobble thru this season. It was not to be so, as our tractor would not start. We decided that we had, had enough of broken garden tractors. So we went down to Sears and picked out a 26HP tractor with a 48" mowing deck.

Eventually, we'll get a snow thrower for this tractor so we can remove the snow just by driving around. But we need to get a shed to put it in first.

Mert decided that even in the 95+ degree heat that he needed to get out there and use the new tractor to mow everything down to where we want it to be. Jean thinks he just wanted to run around with the new toy, but it is good for him to get out an do stuff like this.

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Steve said...

Good choice - this is much better than trying to get the old one started and it probably has a warranty!