Monday, February 15, 2010


Today, I learned that I was accepted to present a poster session at the NCAT Redesign Alliance Conference in Orlando next month! Really any excuse to get to Orlando works for me. I am hoping for an additional conference presentation in November (I will be submitting a couple of proposals).

Yes and for those of you 'counting' I was just in Miami last month, in Chicago last week...will be in Chicago again the first part of March...then to Orlando the end of March.

I NEVER would have thought, that I would like to present at conferences nor that I would travel as I do for work and not at all like me....well maybe it is now.


Steve said...

Congratulations. I'm hoping they are paying your way for these trips. Seeing different parts of the country is really interesting, especially people watching. Also, it is nice to have your intelligence appreciated!

Jody said...

Yes work pays for me to go as long as I am presenting. Kevin will go with me to Orlando and we are going to spend a couple of days at Mickey's house. That is really the motivation for putting proposals to present there. As for my intelligence appreciated....well I just hope that I don't embarrass myself or my institution too much. LOL