Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am so behind in posting! Going back to June....June 29 - July 4, Kevin and I traveled to Toronto Ontario. I was making two presentations at a conference. We did get out to see a few things. July 1 is Canada day, so they bring in the "Tall Ships" to the bay:

We also got to go to the top of the CN Tower. The views from there were amazing.
On Friday evening we got to take a boat tour out to the islands, and Kevin found a chair just his size:

We also got to see the water

So we had a nice trip, the conference was good, and we enjoyed site-seeing. You can see a few more pictures here. The trip coming home...not so good. We were diverted from landing at DIA due to large thunderstorms, so we were sent to the Springs, where we sat for 4 hours on the runways waiting to go back....Long story short, we did arrive in DIA only about 6 hours later than we were supposed to....

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Steve said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. If you can't go there yourself, these make it a lot better.