Friday, March 11, 2011

Mert turns 75!

On Saturday March 5, my dad, Mert turned 75 years old/young. We decided to have a small party here at our house. So we had a few friends and family over for dinner. Here is Great Grandpa opening his presents with the help of Caelum (5 years old)

My mom, Jean holding baby Harlow.

Yes this is me sitting with Joslyn
She cracks me up :-)

Having dessert...Mert's favorite Strawberry Shortcake....why I didn't think of eating my cake like a giant Popsicle off my fork like Caelum, I am not sure...he has it down...

Deogi was getting a lot of love this evening....As you can see the tumor has really grown (the picture is hard to get the full aspect of how big it is), and it has affected her hearing in one ear, and she can no longer open her mouth she can't pick up a tennis ball anymore, something that is devastating to Deogi as that is still her favorite game. We monitor her daily and try to help manage her pain with meds, but it is heart breaking to see.
Mert however, loves to spoil her and gives her many treats from the table. They are becoming fast friends. LOL

It was a great evening and I am sure my dad has many more birthdays to celebrate!

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