Saturday, August 27, 2011

Art Institute

My boss had mentioned to me on Saturday that if we wanted to go to the Art Institute to let her know and she would meet us there.  She is a member and could get us in free.  Well with how hot it was outside at the Bean, we thought some indoor sightseeing sounded great.  I sent my boss a text and she came right over to get us in. 

Here are some of our "favorite" pieces.....

Pauline thought this was a great Knick Knack

Kevin liked the Zombie and the Medieval Area:

I went with the more traditional art pieces:


They also had a special display of Soviet War Posters.  Definitely click on the link to learn more about what they are.  This is the first time these enormous handmade posters have been displayed in the United States since World War II.
Here are a few of the posters....

This is the description of the poster at the bottom.  Kevin took the picture of both, and then I had to laugh....notice the "no photography" sign....oops.  Kevin didn't notice till after he took the picture. 

We only had a couple of hours in the museum.  I really hope to go back and spend more time.  We barely scratched the surface of the place.  The Native American area was really cool, as were the miniature houses. 

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