Monday, August 29, 2011

German Resturant

One of the things Carol wanted us to do while there is go to a local German Restaurant.  So we headed off to dinner. We sat down and immediately the server spilled an entire glass of ice water on Pauline.  "welcome to America" we told her, she was a really good sport about it, even though she was very wet.

Here we are waiting on our dinner....Jim and Carol
 Jody and Pauline....

And our food.  I can't remember what everyone had (the actual title, so I will try)

Jody:  Spaetzle with ham and a sauce...
Kevin some type of roast, German potato salad, and spaetzle

Jim a sandwich and salad and fries
Pauline schnitzel, potato dumplings, red cabbage. 

Carol, I don't I am completely taking a guess.....chicken with dumplings and an egg...

Dinner was good, Pauline said some things were not done correctly on her dish, but it was fun to try. 

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