Monday, August 20, 2012

If we didn't have a dog....

One of the blogs I occasionally read had a post today about being cleaning day.  Her question to her readers was "what do people with no animals and no children need to clean?"  She was talking about all the dog hair that is everywhere, and what it would be like without a dog.   I have to admit, I sometimes wonder, how much cleaner things would be without our two is part of her post: (some editing for length)

If we didn't have a dog we could go out in public in black slacks without carrying the lint brush with us.

If we didn't have a dog there would be no dog toys strewn helter skelter all over the house waiting to be stepped on.

If we didn't have a dog we could go away overnight and not have to get someone to watch him.

My addition...If we didn't have a dog, we would not have to worry about cleaning the yard, or the dog slobber on our shirts...

Her post continues....But...

If we didn't have a dog there would be no one to greet us when we come back from the mailbox wondering where we were all that time.

If we didn't have a dog we might forget that every day is a new celebration and that we should wake up excited to start the day.

If we didn't have a dog there would be no squeaky bone serenades.

If we didn't have a dog there would be no silken head to pet.

If we didn't have a dog there would much less laughter over his antics.

If we didn't have a dog there would be no one to stare at us or lay their head on us encouraging us to pet them.

If we didn't have a dog there would be no small woof and grrrrrrrrr to warn us that there is something  outside (well that is sometimes, most of the time there is nothing).

If we didn't have a dog the squirrels (
in our case bunnies) would take over the back yard.

So yes, our house would be cleaner, there wouldn't be muddy footprints on the freshly mopped kitchen floor, there wouldn't be toys everywhere, and there wouldn't be water dripped all over from getting drinks.  Yet the joy they bring, the unconditional love, they help me clean up spills in the kitchen, they just seem to know when you have had a bad day and just need a hug, and no matter how I look, what I wear, or how I smell, they always want to be close to me.  When reflecting, they certainly bring more to me than I could ask them for, they are so worth all the "trouble"  

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Steve said...

I'm sorry to read that you are looking for a new home for Stormy, but I don't disagree. When our cat and dog are gone, we are done with animals. We enjoy them and have been blessed by them, but we are also done with them. We are looking forward to being "empty nesters" without animals to have be back for, clean up after, feed, take to the vet, etc. US