Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guittard NonPareils

There is something about NonPareils that I love. Maybe it is the memories of my mom getting them for me, albeit rarely, from the Sears candy counter as a kid. Maybe it is the crunch of the white dots when you eat them.. anyway I just love them. So when I was at Costco and they had a bag of them, into the cart they went. There was a look from Jody that said to me "Do you really need that?", but I left it in the cart anyway.

So the brand that they had at Costco was Guittard, and they are a pretty well known chocolatier, so I expected something good. Needless to say I got what I expected. The discs are a little over 1" in diameter and are just the right thickness and snap nicely when you bite into them. I'll be sad when the bag is gone, but such is life and maybe Costco will have them next time I am there. :)

Next up... working on the sizable stash that arrived from Germany... 

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