Saturday, May 31, 2014

High waters

We had an above average year of snow fall in the mountains of Colorado this last winter.  With warm weather and some rains recently we are once again watching the water rise and some places further upstream from us are getting flooded again. You may remember the flood story from last year.  Well Kevin and I noticed last Sunday the water was raising again and spreading back out.  So we took a little walk across the bridge: 

We see this new path under the bridge being created again, this was not there a few days before. 

 Even Mobi stopped to sick her head through the bridge supports and take a look. 

Here you can see the water is rising.  Remember last year when we had the flood, the water was over a mile wide and up above this bank flooding into the park beyond those trees.  It would have a LONG way to go to get there again this year, and we don't anticipate that, but still it is high for our area.  
 Here you can see how close to the road bridge it is.  At this time on Sunday it still had quite a bit of room to spread out so it hasn't really risen here, but the river is much wider today. 

I think how nature provides for us and the power of the water is truly amazing to see what it can do. 

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