Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family BBQ

Our niece Desirae and her husband, Tim decided to have a few friends and family over for a BBQ on Saturday night. They provided the meat and a few drinks, and then everyone brought some other yummies. I made a salad out of the gooddies from my brother's garden, we also had potato salad, chips, deviled eggs, brownies, brats and burgers!

Desirae's son Caelum (he is 2.5) had a great time playing on his swing while everyone enjoyed his backyard....that is until he jumped off the top of the slide...then the night was over for him :(

My brother made this firepit/cooker out of an old barrel of some sort. Pretty cool.

Since he made it, he is the expert on how to cook on it...so he was Chef for the night.

All sitting around chatting and enjoying the evening.....

It never fails that my brother always has to do something silly...so he was showing how he could pass through fire....

Not to be outdone, Kevin on his way to get a brownie also passed through fire....that way he said he could truly say "I had to pass through fire to get this brownie"
It was a good evening just chatting and catching up with friends and family. A time to relax from all the stress Kevin and I have had.

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