Thursday, July 17, 2008

We've obtained the ridge

Hello all,

Well the stress was worth it. We were able to take possession of the house on Wed, although we don't close until Friday (I think). But you know what they say possession is 9/10ths. Anyway, thanks to all who helped us move: Mert and Jean, Doug, Dez, Curt (he only helped move a table, but I guess it counts), Randy and especially Nolan (who was on the other end of almost everything I carried). It was about 101 out here on Wed and so I thought I was gonna die a couple of times.

So hopefully on Monday we get to do this again and move in Mert and Jean's stuff.

Also, on Wed we picked up Didi (our exchange student from Slovakia) from DIA. Hopefully, she was adjust to all our changes as well.


Crystalsea said...

So you guys are living there now? Cool! I'm sure you ARE going through a lot of stress...moves tend to be like that. But all will work out in the end. It is SO EXCITING that you are now IN!!! Woohoo! ---AW

Steve said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you will sleep well - especially when most of the boxes are empty!