Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Posts.. sorry

Sorry, we have not been posting much this week (Sorry Aunt Doloris) . But we are kinda in a whole new level of stress this week with the house coming to a close. Hopefully, today we'll close but just like everything else, there are problems with something. So I hope it can be resolved early today.

Lets see here is a sampling of the problems we've had to work with this week:

1. The elevator is now coming a week later than promised. I had to call to find out where it was. When will sales people learn that a quick call telling your customer what is going on can save a whole lot of yelling from the customer.

2. Problems with the appraisal

3. Material shortages or incorrectness

4. People not showing up

5. Inspections failing

So needless to say Jody and I are a little fried... but we'll get though it.

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Dolores said...

I understand, Holly sold her house and is trying to get packed too. Did you check out her blog? Should be interesting in about a month.