Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fine Dining

Today after church, we went to Desirae's (my niece) house to help put in some new windows. They live in an older home and it was time for some better windows. Dez was really good and for dinner she had steak and chicken that I helped cook on the grill for everyone.

When we left, I decided since it was a boring day for DiDi and Kevin had worked so hard, it was time for a treat. So we stopped at Dairy Queen for some ice cream. We went in, instead of the drive through, so that DiDi could take her time and look at pictures. Not sure why though, because I knew she would want an Oreo Blizzard....she is all about the cookies and cream...

Anyway, so we were waiting for our stuff and this guy comes up and says to the lady at the counter "you forgot to give me the special Ketchup for the shrimp". Well that just struck me as very funny....reminds me of the hick town we now live longer do we have cocktail sauce....but special ketchup.

I can just imagine going to the Village Tavern and asking for special Ketchup, maybe I could get that special BBQ sauce for my steak too....or they would just boot me out the door.

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